life beyond school

Well this is weird... it's the end of August and I'm not in a panic heading back to school. While I'm happy to be living as a real grown up, I'm also feeling a bit nostalgic. I might even begin to miss all those all-nighters in the studio (okay maybe that's an exaggeration).

A girl can still do some "back to school shopping" right?


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  1. Definitely loving all of the bright back to school accessory inspiration! I definitely think it's the nostalgia talking in regards to pulling all nighters in the studio! I'm still knee deep in that phase of pursuing my art degree and let me tell you the stress is not so fun! Haha.

  2. Oh, that feeling of realizing, "wait, I'm not going back to school next semester?!? aghh!" it's crazy, right?! Now it's the real world! Wishing you the best of luck and now go put those school years to use! I miss those school days too, but definitely not the all-nighters :) haha I really really love that "for secret codes" pencil - so awesome!


  3. I am so in love with those message pencils! I've been wanting some for myself, they are so nostalgic! And, being done with school myself, I can definitely say there will be part of you that misses it forever.