the wallpaper debate

Images via : Artboard
Graphic design elements by Becka for Yeobo

I'm a lover of minimal design, but to be honest our apartment is feeling quite bland. There is an ugly rust colored wall in our kitchen that could use some love. Since we can't paint, I've been debating the idea of removable wallpaper. Am I crazy? I came across an Etsy shop called Artboard, which carries some delightful designs.  These are my top three picks. Which do you prefer?


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  1. You're not crazy at all! I love a good wallpaper accent wall. The bottom pattern is awesome!

  2. I'd do it. I lived with mustard colored laminate walls for too long when I was in college- some removable wallpaper would have been so wonderful! I love the colorful triangle pattern.

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  4. Oh wow, I think they all have different feels to them! I'm between the colorful triangles or the bottom one?! Have you guys picked one yet, or still deciding?!

  5. Oh your not! I would out it as well too! They are gorgeous and come in so many beautiful designs!