for the love of houseplants

 plant illustration and graphic elements by becka
Happy weekend! Nathan has been down with the flu, so I spent my Saturday evening scouring my favorite websites and blogs. After seeing a bunch of beautiful decor inspiration, I have come to the conclusion that we are in need of some greenery (Emily Henderson insists)! After a bit of research I have narrowed it down to these 4 plants.

1. Air plants | image via mudpuppy
Perfect for those in need of a low maintenance solution (like myself). Give them a misting once a week and you're good to go! 

2. Maiden hair fern | image via Emily Henderson
I've been warned these can be quite difficult to keep alive, but my goodness I love the way they look.
Keep in a shady area and spray frequently.

3. Fiddle leaf fig tree | image via design sponge
The plant of the moment. Perfect if you have a large space (and a larger budget).
Keep in bright filtered light.

4. White fig tree | image via Aubrey and lindsay's Little House
Apparently they are much cheaper and smaller than the popular Fiddle leaf fig, but it may be a struggle to find. I have yet to find much information on them.

Do you have a houseplant that you have successfully kept alive?


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  1. I love love love houseplants and wish I could have more in my little Brooklyn apartment :( Maybe some air plants? Those are super cool! Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend! xo

  2. Houseplants are my favorite! My mom bought me one when my husband and I got our first apartment, and somehow after tons of neglect, it is still alive. I wish I knew what kind it was! Those air plants are SO COOL.

  3. Oh these are so beautiful! I adore plants, used to have none but one day it hit me. I was playing Sims and i realised that i was always putting so many plants in the house i used to build, they did make the rooms more alive, so i'm like now trying to have as many as possible!

  4. Oh no the flu already, so sorry :( I love my fiddle leaf fig tree! It is seriously a plant I thought would die in a week ( I don't have the best green thumb), but not only did I not kill it - the thing is growing like crazy. It is big and beautiful now. - Alecia

  5. I'm not so good with plants- but give me a break, I have two kids to raise now too. ;) But I'm wanting a windowsill full of succulents to bring some green in. Maybe soon!

  6. Oh house plants, how you elude me... Except for succulents, that is! My mother has the greenest thumb in history and I can't even keep a fern alive! Hopefully one day, our house will be full of lovely greenery! My husband's responsibility, of course, ;)