taipei, taiwan

During my trip to Asia, I spent most of my time in Taiwan. Some locals took us on a tour of Taipei over the weekend. It was some kind of amazing.

The art and design culture in Taipei is growing. The local music scene is making some noise, and there's a resurgence for hand crafted and independently designed goods (much like Portland). In some ways, Taipei felt a lot like home... except it's twice as big and on the other side of the world.

My favorite stop in Taipei was the Eslite Bookstore. I'm not really sure why it's called a bookstore, because I didn't actually see any books. What I did find was lots of locally made artisan goods. There was a wide range of items from hand crafted guitars, designer clothing, shoes, pottery, and jewelry. You could even pay a little money and try your own hand at throwing on a potter's wheel or making your own ring. If you're short on cash, take a stroll and observe. Its definitely worth the stop even if it's just for the amazing food vans outside (yes, vans).

If a more touristy destination interests you, take a trip up the fastest elevator in the world to the top of the Taipei 101. You'll see an incredible view of the city, just make sure to go on a clear day.
A walk by the president's palace is also a cool sight, but if there's one thing you must experience in Taipei, it's the night market. Be ready to try a variety of your favorite foods... and some things you didn't know were food.

- Nathan

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  1. I've been following your travels on IG, Nathan.. everything looks amazing! But I was wondering, did you try anything exotic / crazy at the night market?!

    1. Haha Yes I did. I told myself before going that I would try everything that was offered to me at least once. Some of the stuff seemed kinda scary, but there wasn't anything that I just couldn't eat. I don't know the names of everything so I'll just describe them when an English name fails.

      Exotic things I ate...
      Snake Soup
      Pig's Blood
      Cow Tongue
      Stinky Tofu
      ...different cut's of pork and beef I'd never had before
      Tiny, whole fishies that resembled onion straws
      Lot's of squid prepared lots of different ways
      Sausage in a sausage - (its like a normal sausage inside a sausage filled with rice and veggies.. Taiwan Hotdog?)

      Most of this stuff was at night markets, but some of it was in restaurants. I also tried a lot of delicious fruits and desserts I'd never had before too!

  2. I love these photos but, as a Vegan, I can't say I love the food choices! You are brave! The colors in that "TAIPEI" are just too good!

    1. Oh my goodness I know... the things he ate kinda freak me out! He's much more adventurous.

  3. i went to taiwan earlier this year. my friend had her wedding there. had such a wonderful time sight seeing and enjoying the night market.