things that look good 03

lights | tights | clutch | erasers (yes, those cute colored gems are erasers) | packaging

Hello, hello I apologize for the randomness of these things that look good posts, but sometimes my image gallery gets a bit large and I just have to share my finds. I'm loving saturated hues as we head into winter... that clutch has been on my mind for awhile.

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  1. Loving these pops of colors! I remember I used to have an enormous eraser collection when I was younger. While I obviously don't collect them anymore, I could seriously snatch these ones up! Loving the packaging too, thanks for sharing!

  2. maybe if i got those cute erasers i would be motivated to study more :) haha

    MI Vivere

  3. My favorite tights are just like that blue one. I love it. But I went from a small to almost-large size and I'm having the hardest time finding similar color tights that fit me. =/
    LOVE everything on this board!!! :)

  4. I adore those electric blue tights! They're so pretty, and gorgeous with that white dress.

  5. That packaging is great! Quite an eclectic selection of items, but they all definitely fit within the title's remit... nice one!

  6. I do love that pretty packaging.