urban comfort

I've been trying to convince Becka that sweatpants are on trend for quite a while now. She didn't believe me until she saw this blog post by J. Crew. Now I can wear sweatpants every day!

just kidding....

Happy Monday, it's time to get moving.



  1. I'm really hoping the sweatpants trend isn't here to stay. I still think they look sloppy no matter how tailored they are. I love those women's jackets, though. Great picks!

  2. I've actually seen a few fashion photos of girls with tighter fitting sweatpants that I absolutely adore!! Does this mean it's okay for me to go outside wearing sweatpants to work?!?! Also, totally love the new look of the blog, you two!!! Happy Monday!

  3. I'm all about comfort, so I deeply appreciate these photos! :)