what's this white stuff?

We realize that there is snow covering a large portion of America, but we couldn't believe it when we started seeing white flakes in our own city. THIS NEVER HAPPENS IN PORTLAND. Sometimes we get a dusting, but according to the super official ruler on our deck, we are up to 15 inches. What? Madness I tell you. It has really felt like a little mountain lodge vacation at our own home.

The streets of Portland were simply not prepared for the snow and all the little hybrid cars don't handle it so well. So as you can imagine, it's been a bit of a mess. My drive home on Friday was a 4 hour adventure. I was shaking like a leaf and praying the whole way up to our apartment, which sits on top of a big hill. Nathan's car is currently abandoned at a retirement center (fingers crossed that it hasn't been towed).

To be honest though, the whole mess has been totally worth it for all of the memories. As you can see from our "Survival Guide," we kept busy with funny books, yummy food and of course some snow angels. Thanks for the staycation Portland!

How was your weekend everybody? Did it include some flurries as well?



  1. That's a crazy amount of snow! So glad you were able to fill your time with fun adventures. You should share your linguine piccata recipe....looks delicious :)

  2. Wow ! That's crazy ! I've only ever experienced the snow once which was on camp and I hated it because my nose just ran the entire time ! but that's only because I'm used to warmer weather :) But it's good to see that you guys found a way to make it fun :) xo

  3. Haha lucky you for living in warm places :) I'm starting to crave the sunshine.

    I have to say, I don't think the nose running ever goes away! Hope you had a great Monday Alexandra.

  4. Ooo recipe sharing is a great idea.... I'll post it next week!
    Happy Monday :)

  5. Maybe it just hasn't arrived yet!?
    Hope you get your fill of the snow soon Emily!

  6. The book is so great, I just can't read it in public or else I look like a crazy lady laughing to myself.
    The snow has been short lived, it's all melting away this evening. I'm partially sad, but also relieved that I'll be able to drive again.

  7. Wow, that snow angel looks great! Really!
    We didn't really play on the snow this year, but my kid is dying too. So, we'll absolutely do it after this Wednesday's snow. :)

  8. We read Mindy Kaling. Perfect! lol Almost DIED when I saw your name on Instagram. Being half Korean, I totally heard my parents calling each other this! LOL. Nice to make your acquaintance!