Nathan does Venice

Hello lovely people!
Earlier this summer I (Nathan) got to spend the better part of the month of June in Italy on a business trip. While I spent most of my time in Milan, I was able to go out and explore on the weekends. I had an entire Saturday to do whatever I wanted, so I ended up booking a round trip train ticket to spend the day in Venice.

Pro tip: if you're traveling by train around Italy try to leave in the afternoon or evening if your schedule allows. Evening train tickets can be up to half the price of morning departures.

Let me start by saying that 12 hours is certainly not long enough in this place. Despite the short amount of time, I still managed to take around 500 photos and selected a few of my favorites to share up above. When I took the photo of the woman shaking out the bedding I had quite a shock. I spotted her across the plaza doing her morning chores and I had the realization that people actually live in Venice and call it home. I know this sounds obvious and maybe even a bit cliché, but having that conscious thought while experiencing Venice for myself was pretty mind blowing. With that said, here's 3 things I highly recommend doing if you ever find yourself in Venice.

1. Get Lost

Venice is thick with tourists, and you're probably one of them. If you follow the hoards of people, it's just going to lead to more people. But there's another side of to the city that is quiet, simple, and much more beautiful. In all seriousness, if you spend a day in Venice and you know exactly where you are the whole time, you're doing it wrong. There is a never ending labyrinth of twists and turns that have buildings so close together you'll be convinced you will get stuck. This is where you'll see the real Venice.

2. Indulge a Little

Don't get me wrong... I know I just spent some time talking about avoiding the tourist traps, but they're an experiencing worth having too. You are a tourist after all, and you should indulge a little.
Buy a leather bag, barter with the guy at the fruit stand, get a venetian mask to gift to someone back home, and most importantly drink the water! No, not the water that runs in the canals. Yuck! But the fresh water bubbling out of the 122 drinking fountains that you'll find all over the city. Go ahead! Splash your face and fill up your water bottle. When else will you get to drink Venetian water?

3. Have a late Dinner

In Italy, dinner is never before 9:00 pm and often much later. All you'll be able to get before then is a Spritz and some crackers if you're lucky. So by "late dinner" I just mean...dinner. My biggest regret about my trip to Venice is that I had to leave before nightfall. I keep imagining all the waterways lit up at night, reflections bouncing off boats and buildings while having dinner outside to take it all in. Although staying that late pretty much guarantees you'll need to stay overnight in the city, which would probably be amazing too... I mean, this place pretty much looks like perfection.

All in all, I loved Venice. I can't wait to go back again, except this time with Becka :)

- Nathan


  1. Hooray! Great post. I certainly got lost in Venice... Many, many times... It was glorious! I also had the same realisation about people living there. People waking up, going to work, kids going to school (?!?!?), visiting the chemist for some paracetamol, and it totally blew my mind too. It sounds silly but it also floored me that there are no roads/cars... I obviously knew it was all on water but I assumed there must be SOME roads somewhere... not so!

    We had a fantastic dinner in Venice, but also a dud dinner because we were tired and didn't want to far too far, so stuck with a restaurant out in the open. The key to Venice for me was heading into winding alleyways to eat rather than eating along the main canal ways.

    So great that you got to spend a bit of time there - I hope you both go back, together!

    Jemima x

  2. Oh wow, Venice looks and sounds beautiful! It is definitely on my list of places to visit. I actually love how late dinner is in Europe—my husband and I eat dinner around 9pm or later in the states as is :) Haha I know what you mean—when I traveled to Ibiza this summer it took me a while to get it through my head that people actually live there, call it their home! So amazing.

  3. Hey, you guys are back! Your pictures are great. I once visited Venice a few years ago with my family and loved it, I'd really like to go back!
    Are you going to share Milan pictures with us as well? :)

  4. A few years ago, I spent about 24 hours in Venice & that wasn't even long enough! It's such a rare and unique city - almost magical? Beautiful photos! Glad you got to experience it, even if it left you craving more. :)

  5. Man that is late, and I'm not one for enjoying such a late but but I'd compromise and have two. I enjoyed the guide.

    Buckets & Spades