We are Becka & Nathan, Portland designers and editors of Yeobo (pronounced yoh-boh). We are 20-something, married, and happy! The word yeobo is a Korean word that means “honey” or “darling.” The name seemed like a good fit for us… plus, it sounds adorable. 

Yeobo is a lifestyle and design blog that we launched in June 2013. Our lives are immersed in fashion and design culture and we want to inspire others to live creatively. We post product collections, personal style picks, and glimpses into our relationship & day to day life.

To read more about our relationship check out this post we did on Hanna’s Places.

Meet Becka.

Becka wears many hats. She works for a small, design focused company just outside Portland and does everything from graphic design and social media to product design. Her entrepreneurial spirit is what feeds her big dreams.

Becka is a planner and a perfectionist. She makes sure things get done. Her personal aesthetic is both classic and natural. Her favorite things include red wine, dancing, and trampolines (one of her dreams is to join the circus).

If you’re curious, you can follow her on pinterest and instagram.

Meet Nathan.

He is Concept Creator at a global footwear company by day and a Yeobo blogger/husband/guitar player by night.

Nathan offers a unique male perspective. His personal aesthetic is minimal, urban and sportswear inspired. He also has a ridiculously loud and infectious laugh. Basically, he’s the kind of person you want to have around to brighten your day. His favorite things include coffee (duh), soccer and tropical vacations. 

If you think Nathan sounds pretty cool, check out his pinterest and instagram.